This comes as a shocking report to me, that there are actually white South Africans
that feel marginalized in South Africa. When I read an article on this issue I thought
it was an April fools joke. Apparently there is a global campagne that is actively
sending out the message that South Afica has become the hotspot for white killing/ white genocide.
Where in the wold have white people been marginalized or killed for their ethnic background.
Where in the world ( OK maybe we'll make ZIMBABWE an exception on this one) has this happened,
but either than that white people are controlling the most valuable assets in the AFRICAN continent. Not only
that but they own the best land, they own all the best resources, they get the best education and still they
are complaining about the conditions in South Africa. The last I checked, these are the same people who
oppressed black people for decades through the introduction of apartheid by George Grey who also inspired
John Rhodes to colonize Zimbabwe, and we (the black people) are the supposed villains in this equation.

I hate getting myself into debates that involve politics because no one ever wins and they always cause friction
among st people, like how the article I read on Yahoo got me really angry. That there is a white South African that
has the audacity to say something like that when history show the total opposite.

I didn't write this article to start a heated debate with anyone so don't expect me to engage in any racial debate, I
will just ignore. I just wanted to vent out on BUBBLEWS, too many of my people died for this freedom that we have now for
some celebrities to run around saying out landish and unfounded comments like that