I must confess, the baking soda and vinegar is effective in taking-off the clogging of our sinks. I just washed our dishes this evening after our dinner and alas! the kitchen sink is not responding! I have just manually pumped it with my hand, poked it with a steel wire, and I have even poured water over it but with no avail, the clog will not budge through.

I suspected that it was my niece who made the fault, I told her not to put her left-over noodles in the sink because it will clog the sink and guess what? the sink is as constipated than a calcium-taking individual. Ah, I cannot blame my niece, she is just a child, I should have prevented her, its just I am doing something I cannot leave at that instance.

I can't recall how much baking soda I have put in the sink's drain hole, more than half a cup maybe and a considerable amount of vinegar. After which, I tried to cover it immediately with a crumpled plastic to build some pressure on the clog. After that I have poured some acid to clear some of the remaining clog after all went through. Now it is clear, thanks to baking soda and vinegar.