If you go to any commercial gym, chances are that you will find rows and rows of differently sized dumbbells arranged in pairs according to their weight – looking neat and easily accessible when needed. But they also require space and can be really heavy piece of exercise equipment.

On the other hand, adjustable dumbbells can weigh how much you like in certain increments.

There are basically two types of adjustable dumbbells:

1. Dumbbells in the form of small bar that can be loaded with various plates – these dumbbells are cheap, require little space, but change in weight requires some time.

2. Dumbbells with so called 'dial-in' system that allows quick change of weight, literally in seconds, but they come often with nice price tag.

Pros and cons of fixed sized and adjustable dumbbells:

- fixed size dumbbells require more space – more various weights you need, more dumbbells you have. Adjustable dumbbells usually have a stand for quick weight change that is also used for storing them – some stands even have transport wheels for quick relocation.

- fixed size dumbbells' set weigh more than adjustable dumbbells and if you are not having home gym in the basement or garage, consider where you are placing dumbbells' stand.

- fixed size dumbbells can be acquired pair by pair without significant impact on the budget. Adjustable dumbbells with dial-in mechanism, on the other hand, can cost several hundred dollars/euros – in the end they are often cheaper, but ...

- fixed size dumbbells allow several people to train simultaneously, as long as they are using dumbbells of different size/weight. This is not possible with adjustable dumbbells, although this is not a big problem with dial-in dumbbells since their weight can be changed in seconds.

- fixed size dumbbells are usually shorter, especially smaller ones, than adjustable dumbbells. This is often not important, but on several exercises width of adjustable dumbbells can be great issue.

Which dumbbells should someone choose depends obviously on many things, but one of the most important are personal preferences...

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