More endangered animals:

Mountain Gorilla - This resident of Africa has joined the critically endangered list due to illegal poaching and tree harvesting. Their numbers once in the thousands, now is estimated at less than 700. Thankfully, due to serious conservation efforts, there has been a significant increase in the mountain gorilla population over the last few years.

Black-Footed Ferret - The Black-footed ferret makes their home in North America where sadly they have been hunted to almost extinction. They are the most endangered species in North America with less than 100 of their kind remaining. Man’s unrestrained hunting is bringing about their extinction.

Golden- Headed Langur- This adorable monkey lives in Vietnam. They are critically endangered with their numbers now only being between 60-70. Hunters, traders and loss of habitat are bringing about their extinction.

African Wild Ass- The African wild ass is a critically endangered animal. In 2002, there were less than 570 of them. Their decline in population is due to illegal hunting, loss of habitat and from the interbreeding between them and domestic donkeys.

Tapir - The tapir is found in Central America and Malaysia. Tapirs are related to horses and are one of the most primitive animals on earth. Tapirs have existed on Earth for 55 million years virtually unchanged. Humans have brought them to the brink on extinction in just less than 100 years.

There are four different types of tapirs. Three are considered “endangered“, while one is “vulnerable“. The Baird’s tapir is endangered and has a population of around 5000. The Malayan Tapir has a population of 1500-2000 and is endangered. There is around 2,500 Mountain tapir remaining and they too are endangered. The Lowland tapir is listed as vulnerable. The decline of the Tapir can be blamed on hunting and the destruction of their habitat from logging and farming.

Amur Leopard - The Amur leopard comes from East Russia, Korea and Northeast China. They are the rarest big cat in the world and are “critically endangered”. There is only 30-40 left in the world.

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