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You may not know this about Eskimos. Even though, they’re not that into public display of affection, but when they do show their affection for one another, they don’t kiss the way we do; on the lips but rather they will rub their noses. Strange, isn’t it?

Rubbing noses is equivalent to kissing. But they do this not for no reason. They rub noses because if they were to kiss with their lips, they’d probably be lip-locked. This is because the weather where they live is so cold that any kind of moisture will become frozen instantly.

Have you tried putting your tongue on ice? That is what will happen if Eskimos kiss with their lips. Therefore, they show their affection by rubbing their noses.

Image Source : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Inupiat_Family_from_Noatak,_Alaska,_1929,_Edward_S._Curtis_%28restored%29.jpg

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