Assalam O Alaikum My Bubblews Friends,
Have a nice day and happy bubbling to all of you.
Now I am just going to share with you that I have reached total of 182 rented referrals on my probux account without any investment in 5 months. That's a good work from this website. I would have been more referrals if I would have known earlier that how to recycle the referrals so I had lost almost 10 referrals due to this weak point. Now I know each and everything about this.

Well I started working on neobux and probux at the same time without any investment, just depending on rented referrals and some direct referrals click. On neobux till today I just have 21 rented referrals and no more than 20 cents in account but on probux, I have 182 referrals along with more than 1 dollar present in my account. For standard member, probux gives only 200 rented referrals so after having 200 referrals, I will stop renting any more referrals and will just concentrate to make $80 in order to buy golden membership after which I will rent more referrals until 400 and will make money. At this time I am making $1.5 average per day when I had 162 referrals. I estimated that I will be earning $10 average per day when I will have 400 rented referrals along with golden member ship. Just watching for the opportunity of this.