Eminem is one of the greatest artists to ever walk the surface of this planet. When we move into the rap music there is no doubt that Eminem is the King of rap. I’m a huge admirer of Eminem and his music and have followed both his professional life and private life ever since I got to know him. If you are observant, you would notice that the rap icon hardly dates, which has led many people to wonder who and who Eminem has dated.

If you are among those people who have been wondering who and who Eminem has dated or had an affair with then you are in luck as this column is going to give you just that. This column is going to give you a full list of all the women (celebrities and non celebrities) superstar Eminem has dated. Eminem at the moment is 40 years old and has been married only once to his childhood friend Kim, which by now I guess most of you know already. And I guess you all know that Kim and Eminem are no longer together. They were one of the strangest couple in show business. They got married twice and got divorced twice. Eminem and Kim have a daughter named Hailey, whom Eminem has written several songs for.

Besides Eminem’s famous relationship and double marriage with Kim, other women have been in Eminem’s life. Let us take a look at who these women are:

1. Brittany Murphy was an actress who co-starred with Eminem in his hit movie 8 Mile. Eminem is rumored to have briefly dated the actress around the time of making the movie.

2. Gina Lynn is another interesting woman Eminem is rumored to have dated. For those of you who love to watch certain types of movies, then you must surely know the actress Gina Lynn. She is one of the biggest names in the Adult movie industry. Gina Lynn appeared in Eminem’s “Superman” video, and the two are rumored to have had a relationship.

3. Mariah Carey is probably the most high-profiled celebrity that Eminem claims to have had a relationship with, a claim Mariah Carey has vehemently denied again and again.

4. Eminem is also rumored to have dated Marni Bright and another woman named Tracy Mcnew.

At the moment Eminem is not known to be dating anyone. The rapper once had an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine in which he stated that he rarely dates.