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&Scarlettohairy I always liked Arizona. I would like to visit there sometime. Maybe even live there.

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Sounds like a neat place ... I know my kids would love it there!
We have one here that does cool train rides for Halloween and Christmas ...
Love those festive rides!

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hi scarleetohairy I used to l ive in Tempe many years back and we oftern visited Scotsdale but I thijnk its was perhaps before the park was built as I do not remember seeing one p ark that wonderful and your photos
are really fantasic, I would have remembered it as when we lived there our kids were just toddlers so we would have really visited there.Wo uld love to see it but even though I am in C alafornia not too far,
p;hysical healthe and no money make it impossible. lovely post

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Our Main Street, and some side streets, have that adorable small town look and feel.

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