This post is mainly for instaGC users, but if you don't know what instaGC is, it is a site that pays you to to many tasks, such as watching a video, completing offers and surveys, clicking on sites, doing tasks, and entering codes. (Sign up to instaGC here

With the points you earn, you can cash out to get gift cards to hundreds of stores instantly.

Every once in a while instaGC will post a point booster code (PBC) to their social media. The codes are hard to find, so not many people get the money from them. Thats why I created IGC Helper. ( This site posts every point booster code that is released, so you never have to miss another!

Not only do we post every code that instaGC releases, but each week there is a mini community challenge on the site, where if completed, we release a point booster code that you can only find on IGC Helper!

instaGC users should be happy :)


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