The green color is obtained from suji leaf juice mixed with pandan leaves make these scented mud cake tempting. You can also add young coconut mud cake when printed. The following recipe was written by the mother Fatmah Bahalwan of NCC-Indonesia.


200 ml thick coconut milk

200 ml of water pandanus suji

3 lbr lime leaves

1/2sdt salt

2 btr egg

150 gr steamed potato puree

120 g wheat flour

120 grams sugar

How to make:

Mix the coconut milk and pandan water suji, mix well and set aside.
Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy, put the potatoes finely and stir well. Pour green coconut water gradually while stirring.
Heat the mud cake molds, pour the batter ¾ full. Close. Let the half-baked, decorated with raisins.
Close again cook until done. Lift.

Source: Natural Cooking Club Indonesia