Something has happened to TV in the last couple of years. Yes, the reality shows still dominate, but more new series are grabbing solid attention. While there are other new shows that are begging for attention, one show that grabbed out interest last year was +Revolution . "REVOLUTION" grabbed us due to the topic of surviving the national threat that took down a nation. What was that threat? Electrical loss - a country without any power or means to generate power. The concept is fascinating. It divided the country in half and created a war with the New America and the Old America. Gore and war.

Tonight, we are watching, and make no mistake about it, this show can get gory. There is sword fighting and marauders and all the elements that make for a tension filled - dramatic show. One of my favorite characters was seeing fireflies, and then was attacked and sliced open. No, they didn't just do a typical sword hit - they sliced open his chest and left him bleeding on the floor. They tried to save him, and although he was pronounced dead - the last scene showed him gasping for air, as his eyes opened wide.

Next week we will see more of how the story unfolds.

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