It's time for Wise Wizard's wild imagination! I think at night do ghosts and hauntings really exist? Do the dead come back? Or it is all evil demons or bad spirits? I often think about this. I mean I have relatives who passed down some super scary and spooky ghost tales to me. And I must say I do believe them and am scared. Some that are in particular scary, are the tale of the wailing woman at night. And many others that are original stories of horror and ghostly.

Cold all these stories actually be real ? Or at they just made up to scare us at night. One legend that comes to mind is the boogey man. But he seems to be a very scary yet funny character. Well when I finally looked him up, he was just a story made up by parents to make their children go to bed. They used to say: Go to sleep or the boogey man will get you.

In the end I think the people who have seen or talked to ghosts know they are real. The people that never saw them or do not believe will always say it's only stories of course. But what do you think? Are ghost stories real? Or just some made up stuff to scare us as children?

With all these new TV shows and interviews with famous people who hav seen and heard ghosts it's a bit spooky and they could be real. Also a lot new ghost investigations are going on now, even more than before.