My daughter's fiance sold the car just before it broke down and purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle with the car money. At first everyone was excited, with visions of the finished product planted in our minds. Sadly, it has taken many weekends and many heads put together to finally get it running. It is gratifying to hear the vrrroom, vrrrooom - however it still will not maintain an idle.

My son, husband have lent their collective minds to the greater goal of getting this cycle on the road. It will save the kids a ton of money in the work commute. With the goal of cutting the gas expense in half - they have diligently worked weekends and evenings to readjust the gears and whatever other gizmos they have had going.

All these men are very adept at car and cycle repair. I admire that they have stuck to the project, but +Motorcycle-repair just isn't as easy as it would seem. A small motor should be a nothing - having work manuals and internet sites on hand - should have made it easier. Tuning something that is this old is not easy.

Update: November 3, 2013 - The cycle is going but has broken down several times, thankfully not on the freeways. Right now the clutch is getting ready for a repair that will cost about $300. We would love to see the project over and done with. Time to sell this lemondrop!

Someday we will post a photo of the +Repaired bike.
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photo: mine all rights reserved.