There's a ton of information online about baby boomers and lots of fun facts. I'm a bona fide baby boomer and grew up in the '60s. Like other boomers whose teen years spanned the '60s, I took my experiences and kept truckin' right on into the '70s. Somehow I survived all of it but not without a lot of craziness and memorable events.

These are a few fun facts about baby boomers. You can find all this information and more on dozens of web pages. Just put your browser to work and you'll be entertained with what you find. Some of the statistics are really amazing.

If you're wondering how many baby boomers were born in the United States alone? 79 million!!

Are baby boomers now senior citizens? Well...some yes, some no. Me? Not if I can help it:

1. The baby boom years began in 1946 and ended in 1964.
2. Another baby boomer turns 50 every 8.5 seconds.
3. Oldest boomers turned 67 this year (2013).
4. 1957 was the biggest boom year with 4.3million births.
5. Baby boomers represent 28% of today's U.S. population.
6. 1964 more than a third of the population was under 19 years old.
7. The youngest boomers are 49 this year (2013) .
8. Boomers born from 1960-1964 mostly consider themselves '70's kids and not boomers.
9. 25% of boomers polled claim they don't want to retire and will never stop working.
10. In 1966 Time Magazine selected The Baby Boom Generation as its “Man of the Year”

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