As I said in my previous OHW posts, I like all kinds of music and tend to listen to older songs more than the newer stuff. I like almost every genre which I think surprises people. You can like Eminem and Toby Keith at the same time. You can also like power ballads and heavy metal. I like it all but I definitely tend to like 80's music more than any other era. Maybe that's because I was coming of age at that point and was very into music and managed to go to several concerts and have a decent time despite my serious anxiety.

Anyway, here are five more one hit wonders that I still like and listen to for various reasons. They were big for a minute and then the singers or bands sort of fizzled but I am keeping them alive on my playlist!

* The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace
This was some story he told! His father was a cop and was fighting Al Capone and his gang in Chicago while his mother worried her guts out about him. It ended well but about 100 other cops didn't make it. Anyway, this song has stuck with me for ages for no particular reason. Maybe the story aspect of it gets to me as a writer.

* Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass
Brandy loves a sailor and he loves her but his life, his love and lady is the sea. Kenny Chesney does a cover of this song that I like too but he doesn't change it up at all. Both versions are simple little songs that I still listen to for whatever reason.

* Ballroom Blitz by Sweet
This band had about a million members if you counted all the guys who came and went yet the name stayed the same. I am not sure that Ballroom Blitz is classified as a one hit wonder but it's the only song by this band I know although the revolving door of members made a bunch of albums. Ballroom Blitz is a psychedelic song with a beat that makes you want to sing along if crazy songs are your thing. (I love them!)

* Radar Love by Golden Earring
These guys are still making music, they just aren't doing it in the US. They're a Dutch band and they have been churning out albums since 1961! But Radar Love in 1973 was a huge hit here in the US and abroad. Most of their other stuff was better received in other countries. Radar Love is a classic pop song about a guy hurrying to get to his girlfriend because she needs him. It really isn't much of a song but I like it.

Take Me On by Aha
I remember the video for this song and I thought it was so cool back in the 80's. It was a pencil drawing come to life. This song is really light in the lyrics department and I think it was a hit because they lead singer was cute. But who knows? I just have it sitting there among the zillion of songs I have accrued over the years and when it happens to come on, I don't skip over it. It's an easy listening song with really easy to remember lyrics (mostly "take me on, take on me").

There you have five more songs I still listen to and yet the bands never made anything else I listen to or even know. Do you remember any of these?

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