Remember Susan Powter and her late night infomercials? She was such a piece of work. Skinny, rather attractive with this short blonde razor cut hair(more like platinum wasn't it?) In 1994 she had a talk show for one season in which she discussed health and dieting.In the mid 90's she wrote Stop the Insanity which was full of history, a bit of anger towards her ex-husband and some helpful motivation.

Her concept was portion control, exercise and more exercise. She was once fat and so it was about her battle, feeling terrible and the self loathing that was something that was both motivational and powerful. The problem with this type of regimen is that it only lasts short term most of the time unless people are training to be athletes of some kind. She condemns the diet industry and believes in organic, low fat diet and strength training exercise as well as cardiovascular. She feels that the "insanity' is the scheduled meals, the drinks and starvations.

A motivational speaker, nutritionist, personal trainer and author her platinum-white short cut haircut, manic manner of speaking and being barefoot while speaking all seem to be a part of her persona. She now has long hair and many tattoos.

Susan was born in Sydney, Australia December, 22, 1957. Left Australia at the age of ten, married twice and with three sons. She became over weight and was addicted to alcohol after her husband left her for a younger woman. She lost 133 pounds, gave up drinking and became a motivation speaker and exercise coach.