A short anecdote about a gentle lost dog and a stranger's trying to help, and the embarrassing result.

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Lost Dog Found:

A short story about a lost dog and his eventual return home.

There was this nice couple that lived out in the country, far away from town. Their property was effectively hidden from the occasional motorist behind a lengthy row of tall blue spruce trees that grew by a long rural gravel road. If you drove by their place it would be very easy to miss seeing their driveway, it was so well hidden. Their driveway was basically a narrower dirt path, with a mailbox somewhat hidden in the shadows of the trees, and their rural homestead was a bit further up the dirt road.

A Friendly Sort of Dog:

They had lost their dog. It was a friendly sort of farm dog. It would approach anyone if they gestured for it to come, wagging its tail the whole time, hoping to be petted and make a new friend. They loved that old dog and missed him terribly when he didn't come back from his morning romp. They called, whistled and searched for him nearly the entire day before deciding to go into town the following morning and take out an ad in the local newspaper's lost-&-found section.

Upon arriving into town the following morning, they saw "FOUND" posters stapled all over town. These were on fence posts, telephone poles, the village bulletin board and everywhere. Someone had found their dog and had already posted notices!

Found! Lost Dog

The couple excitedly called the phone number that was on the flyer and another nice couple several towns over answered and confirmed the identity of the dog from the description given. They further stated that they knew the dog must belong to somebody because it was clearly well-fed, affectionate and immediately came over to them when they stopped their car and called to the lost dog. They understood that someone would most definitely miss their family pet that clearly wandered away from home and had become lost, so they took it with them with the intent to locate the owner.

They had thought it also possible that someone may have even dropped off the animal in the countryside, abandoning it to fend for itself. People do mean things like that. They admonished the actions of anyone so cruel to have taken such a sweet dog out into the country and just drop it off where they said they found it, -sitting alongside a lengthy deserted rural dirt road in front of a long row of blue spruce trees.

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