Summer used to always be my favorite season, but I'm starting to change my tune a bit as time goes on. With my thick hair (and I do mean thick....and curly) the summer months become too much. I am currently trying to grow my hair out and have been for awhile. Lately though I have to wear my hair up 5-7 days a week because I can't stand for it to be down when it's even mildly hot. Constantly wearing your hair up can cause damage though. I try to give it a break once in awhile if we have cooler temps.

Not only am I getting tired of putting my hair up because it's not very flattering on me; I miss fall fashion. I am ready to wear my hair down. Put on some jeans again which it's too hot for lately. Hoodies! Oh, how I love hoodies. Fall is starting to be my favorite season now. Hard not to love with all the colors, sipping hot cocoa, leaves everywhere and the holidays during that time are so fun too. Don't get me wrong there are things I love about Summer too. Like swimming, wearing flip flops, cookouts, etc. I am just over it and ready for the next season to begin.

My captcha was ermahgerd, capcher ..... LOL!

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