I myself having had past relationships with guys of my age, I never got serious ones that I could count on or rather dream of them ever being my husband or serious father to my children. Yes it was good to date, go outings, dancing and parties.

Yes I had fun and lots of fun, yes it was good and I got quite entertained, the problem is the men/guys I dated never were serious or just were not ready to settle down.

Others were good but in one way or another they were so much into many other women, alcohol and smoking or both and never at once agreed that this luxurious things can only be limited to a certain point and if not they become like a slave/ addiction that could lead to many consequences.

To cut the story short they just were not my type anyway after all. They say you kiss many frogs until you finally meet the right one and decide to settle. Which I did eventually after I stopped dating guys of my age, or slightly a year or two older than I was.

I wanted older men perhaps so that I could settle down, learn the ropes here and there and get the lessons from what life is all about with an older man. Older man to me is OK because

Seriousness: The seriousness in them is always seen as the way they handle things, other people, themselves particularly and know exactly what they want in life.

Hardworking: The older man is very very hardworking, he is very principled, have good moral values, dedicated in his work, works longer hours without getting tired just for the sake of making ends meet for his family.

Settled: Older men are more settled than younger men in that they have done most things that younger men would always want to explore and try out. The men have seen it all, dated, danced, traveled and so on so they are already settled in their minds and are more focused.

Teachings; the older man is wiser and have many teachings and tales to tell. The past experiences weather good or bad have made them stronger, more realistic about things, more educated, and are ready to explore even further if given a chance.

Motivated: They are always having the will to motivate others and help other out when they see that they are going astray or choosing the wrong path. They give you strength to overcome difficulties and are good advisers and mentors.

Encouragement: Since they have accomplished a lot of things in their lifetime they encourage the Le younger generation. They do simple things like showing courtesy because of someone’s efforts contribution to the society.

Good listeners: older man is a good listener; he will be there whole kindheartedly to listen to your stories and worries. He will keep his cool and guide you on the way forward after giving you an ear to your problems or your wishes and dreams. Later he will show you the way to conquer some of your worries and fears. Make you understand that it is not that bad and life is not always easy. One has to undergo certain things in life in order to reach their final goals.

Entertainers; The older man is a great entertainer , he will entertain you with beautiful stories and many old songs and riddles that they had long time ages ago and keep you informed of the world that used to be compared to the present that is. The older man will enlighten you and educate you on the good music and entertainment (oldies), the dances and traditions of different culture that were there and are still there. You get more informed or are well informed of most things

Energy; Older men are full of energy and potential. They will not bit around the bush about anything and keep to their word always. Hidden agendas are normally left for younger guys who are not quite sure of what they really want in life.

Open minded: The older man is very open minded and speaks right straight from his heart. If he is not happy with something or is angry, disappointed will let you know in one way or another without keeping it within himself. This is because he knows the consequences of not being open to situations that bring about stress, diseases like high blood pressure, heart attacks and the likes.

Communicators: They normally insist on good communication between people. They are good at negating and to look for solution oriented approach to issues. They emphasize on constant communication because without it will be difficult for other people to help you with what you want.

Friendly: The older man is very loving, caring, and full of respect for other people and is always open to new opportunities. Where they see there is a bright idea, they reach out to many and implement on the ideas making it a reality.
Great lovers: They are truly great lovers, knowing what women’s needs and requirements are, they know the best way to do things and make life beautiful and worth living.

The Older man having had many past relationships will always do and prevent other bad relationships from kind bad relationships from repeating themselves.

The older man is very romantic. He will take you places you have never been before, they are great cooks, and have vast talents can do many remarkable things in the employment sector, family sector and just life in general. It is always one’s choice to choose their significant other either old or young it all depends with the two beautiful souls and couples and happiness is what matters for both parties involved.