At 9:20 PM BBT, Gina Marie and Amanda really went at it. This was way worse than anything I ever seen in the Big Brother House. They made insults like accusing other like drug usage, Gina Marie being obsessed with Nick when he has no feelings for her, Gina Marie having an eating disorder, and both being crazy general.
At 9:38 PM BBT, Gina Marie and Amanda almost fist fight. Judd had to separate them. Gina Marie continues to make fun of her. She says she will start the water works. Gina Marie made remarks about Amanda not being good in competitions.
Elissa stayed in bed the whole time. Smart move on her part.
Later, at 9:49 PM BBT, Amanda lets McCrae have it in the 'have not room' because he never stood up for her when Gina Marie called her a “whore”. All of this started over Gina Marie saying that Amanda was smirking at her. She continues to get angry at McCrae. McCrae tells her, “Amanda, it is just a game”. The whole conversation was over heard by Judd. In the end Gina Marie did apologized to her.
I'm beginning to think that Gina Marie and Elissa developed this plan to out Andy maybe or to get back at Amanda somehow. We'll have to see how the double eviction goes. One thing is for sure, it will be very interesting.
Picture credit: CBS live feeds
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