I love decorating with cardinals at Christmas. QVC has been selling a variety of flameless candles (candles that flicker without a real flame) for a long time now and have branched out to things that light up, like these Candle Impressions Flameless Bird Candles With Timers. These are QVC item # H200306.

This is a set of three cardinals (and there is a set of bluebirds available too) that have an inner "glow" when turned on. They are made of a hard wax and are painted. The quality is good and they look nice when displayed and not like cheap plastic junk. The second photo here is a picture of the birds in the dark. When these are lit, they look a lot like the first photo but the birds glow and have an inner flicker like there is a candle lit inside. These don't heat up at all, since the flicker inside is fake, so there is no need to worry about the wax melting or heat damaging anything.