Some people fly the American Flag all the time, while others fly it just for holidays. Following is a list of the Flag Flying Dates for 2014:

January 1st - New Year's Day
January 20th - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 12th - Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
February 17th - George Washington's Birthday

May 8th - VE Day
May 11th - Mother's Day
May 17th - Armed Forces Day
May 26th - Memorial Day

June 14th - Flag Day
June 15th - Father's Day

July 4th - Independence Day

September 1st - Labor Day
September 2nd - VJ Day
September 11th - Patriot Day

October 13th - Columbus Day

November 4th - Election Day
November 11th - Veterans' Day
November 27th - Thanksgiving Day

December 7th - Pearl Harbor Day
December 25th - Christmas Day

You should always show proper respect for our flag.