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= L E G O B A T M A N 2: D C S U P E R H E R O E S =

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (PS3 Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.0
E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
3A. Controls
3B. Menus/Displays
3C. Hints/Tips
4. The Batcave/Gotham City Hubs
5. Story Mission Walkthroughs
5A. Theatrical Pursuits
5B. Harbouring a Criminal
5C. Arkham Asylum Antics
5D. Asylum Assignment
5E. Chemical Crisis
5F. Chemical Signature
5G. Unwelcome Guests
5H. Destination Metropolis
5I. Research and Development
5J. Down To Earth
5K. Underground Retreat
5L. The Next President
5M. Core Instability
5N. Tower Defiance
5O. Heroes Unite
6. Free Play Runthroughs (Minikits/Citizens in Peril)
6A. Theatrical Pursuits
6B. Harbouring a Criminal
6C. Arkham Asylum Antics
6D. Asylum Assignment
6E. Chemical Crisis
6F. Chemical Signature
6G. Unwelcome Guests
6H. Destination Metropolis
6I. Research and Development
6J. Down To Earth
6K. Underground Retreat
6L. The Next President
6M. Core Instability
6N. Tower Defiance
6O. Heroes Unite
7. Gotham City Exploration
7A. Remote Terminals
7B. Villains
7C. Gold Bricks - North Island
7D. Gold Bricks - Central Island
7E. Gold Bricks - South Island
7F. Citizens in Peril
7G. Red Bricks
7H. Vehicles
7I. Gold LEGO Doors
7J. Bonus Level: LEGO Gotham City
8. Characters
8A. Hero Characters
8B. Villain Characters
8C. Civilian and Goon Characters
8D. Ground Vehicles
8E. Water Vehicles
8F. Air Vehicles
9. Secrets/Unlockables
9A. How To Get 100%
9B. Extras
9C. Trophies/Achievements
9D. Secret Codes
10. Standard Guide Stuff
10A. Legal
10B. E-mail Guidelines
10C. Credits
10D. Version Updates
10E. The Final Word


Welcome back, LEGO fans and Batman fans! Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes! In this guide, like in all my guides for the
LEGO Adaptation Games, we'll take a look at a complete exploration through
the game, including walkthroughs on how to get through each story mission,
ways to find all the hidden collectible goodies, and how to navigate the vast
new open world of Gotham City, so suit up, heroes! We're not wearing
hockey pads!

2. FAQ

Q: What is LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes?

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in 2012 based largely around the
mythos of DC Comics' Batman, but includes other super heroes as well.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptor of Cartoon Violence.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?

A: All violence is done towards LEGO bricks, so there's no blood. Any
references to the grim and gritty nature of the Batman mythos is toned down,
without being TOO campy. As far as positive aspects of the game towards
kids, the gameplay is focused on exploration, discovery, and critical
thinking. The co-operative gameplay style and forgiving difficulty is also a

Q: Are there really voice actors in this game? Who plays who?

A: Yes there are. Cutscenes are fully voiced, although you still get a little
bit of grumbling a few times for old time's sake. Here's an abbreviated cast
Troy Baker - Batman, Two-Face (same as Arkham City for Two-Face)
Charlie Schlatter - Robin
Steve Blum - Bane, others
Clancy Brown - Lex Luthor (same as the DC Animated Universe)
Travis Willingham - Superman
Laura Bailey - Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman
Rob Paulsen - The Riddler
Christopher Corey Smith - The Joker

Q: How many people can play? Is there online play?

A: Two, and no.

Q: What's new about this game compared to the recent LEGO games?

A: The greatest change, besides the voice acting, is the inclusion of a rather
large open-world sandbox that connects the missions. Gotham City is a
gigantic hub with tons of places to explore as you travel by foot or by

Q: What part of the Batman mythos does this cover?

A: This game is its own continuity. It doesn't operate under any specific
Batman stories in comics, movies, television, or animation. Still, several
of the designs will seem familiar to the animation, and as for music, both
Danny Elfman's theme from the Batman movie and John Williams' Superman
theme are in full play.

Q: Can I save in the middle of a Story Mission?

A: Yes! At several points throughout missions, there are things called
"Save Switches", which will save your progress within the mission, allowing
you to quit and return to that spot. The important thing to remember is
that to return to that spot, you must resume the mission by going to its
starting location in Gotham City, NOT restarting by going to the Batcave

Q: I'm at the spot you say that a collectible is, but there's nothing there!

A: Depending on your system, it may take some time for the items in an area
to load. Wait around for a moment in the area to see if the objects appear.
If not, pause the game and step away for a minute or two. It should all be
loaded up by the time you get back.

Q: Why did you point out where the Gold Brick "starting points" are if the
map only refers to the ending points?

A: Because I felt I should pick one or the other, and I'd rather have you
start from the beginning than trace your way back from the ending. That
said, if you're feeling adventurous, there's no problem with you taking a
flying character, starting from the brick you're looking for, then following
the stud trail back to the street-level starting point.

Q: I'm missing one vehicle. The last one in the fourth row of the ground

A: It's Harley Quinn's Motorbike. Go to LEGO Gotham City and beat it on
Free Play.


Most of this information can be found in the instruction manual, like anyone
reads those.

3A. Controls =

General Controls -

Left Analog Stick: Move your character.
Right Analog Stick: Move the camera.
X Button: Jump.
- Most characters will dive-roll if you press X in midair.
- Some characters have a double jump by hitting X again.
- Some characters can fly by hitting X in midair. While in air, hold X to
rise, release to drop slowly, and press Circle to drop to the ground.
Square Button: Attack.
- Most characters have basic punches for an attack.
- Hold down the attack button and you'll pull up a targeting reticle by which
you can use a projectile attack, like a Batarang.
Circle Button: Action.
- Hold Circle down near LEGO piles to build them.
- Also used for certain suits/characters special abilities.
Triangle Button: Shift Focus.
- Also used to enter and exit vehicles.
L1 and R1 Buttons: Used during Free Play to change characters.
L2 and R2 Buttons: Center camera in Gotham City.
Start Button: Brings up Pause Menu.

Hub Driving/Flying Controls -

Left Analog Stick: Steer
Right Analog Stick: Move the camera.
X Button or R2 Button: Accelerate
Square Button: Fire Guns (if your vehicle has them)
Circle Button or L2 Button: Brake and Reverse
- Circle also fires secondary weapons if you tap the button, such as rockets
on the Batmobile.
Triangle Button: Exit Vehicle

Note that these controls apply to flying characters as well.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a new game.
Load Game: Load a previously saved game.
Coming Soon: Shows a preview trailer of LEGO Lord of the Rings.
Options: Opens a lighter version of the Options Menu below. Go to the Pause
Menu for the full Options Menu.


Options Menu -

Audio Volume: Adjust the general volume of the audio, if you can't be
bothered to find your TV remote.
Music: Toggle music on/off.
Alfred Hints: If they're On, Alfred will give you a vocal note to pay
attention to the bottom of the screen. If Silent, then you'll still see the
note, but won't have to listen to Alfred nag at you.
Subtitles: Turns the cutscene subtitles on/off.
Brightness: Adjust to see more in the dark areas.
Motion Blur: If on, your characters will blur as the camera moves around them,
making things more cinematic.


Pause Menu -

Resume: Get back to the game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.
View Map: Brings up a map of Gotham City once you unlock it. Only available
in the hub areas.
Show Game Controls: Take a quick look at the controls in case you've
Extras: Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased,
as well as toggle the Adaptive Difficulty.
Quit: Return to the Main Menu, the Batcave, or exit missions depending on
where you are.

3C. Hints/Tips =

Smash freakin' everything. Lay waste to any LEGO objects in the area and
rack up that stud total. Use Ground Pounds to demolish clusters of objects

Keep collecting studs. Collecting a specified number will give you "Super
Hero/Villain" status at the conclusion of the mission. Once you hit the Super
threshold, you cannot lose it, no matter how low your studs get afterwards.
You only need to get Super once, either on Story or Free Play.

On the note of studs, if you're looking for a little boost, here's a tip:
you may notice while punching out streams of bad guys that you'll see a
little combo multiplier racking up as you take out successive dudes. While
it no longer transfers directly to your stud total as it did in the first
game, you may notice a "Circle" prompt pop up in a melee of enemies as you
rack up a combo. If you match that Circle prompt, you'll perform a finishing
move on that nearby character, and you'll get a big boost to your combo and a
small amount of studs for it, and more if your combo is higher still.

Collect Minikit Canisters to assemble a vehicle. These vehicles can be used
in Gotham City later. Most Minikits will require you to revisit the story
mission in Free Play. For completing a Minikit, you'll get 50,000 studs,
except for the last one, which gives you 500,000.

Scattered around Gotham City are Red Bricks that are used to apply Extras to
your game. You need villains to get these bricks, specifically The Joker,
The Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Lex Luthor, but I'll go into further detail in
the "Gotham City Exploration" section.

DON'T FORGET YOUR BATARANGS. They allow you to hit far off targets, so use
them whenever you think you can't progress through a mission.

Explore everywhere. Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas
you might be missing. Big value studs are hidden in places where you can't
normally see them.

If you die, you'll drop a portion of your studs: usually 2,000. You can die
as many times as you want and you can still finish the mission. However,
losing too many studs means you'll have a harder time getting Super status, so
be sure to recollect those lost studs when you croak.

Look out for visual cues to see how you can progress in a mission. Many of
the spots that hide Suit Panels are under brightly glowing objects.


This section of the guide will just be a quick overview into the cave and
the concept of the city hub. I'm not going to describe how to find all the
collectibles here. That's for Section 7.

So, the Batcave is the main hub where you can access a map of the city at the
computer in order to replay Story Missions. The map has numbers for each
mission, and can tell you how much stuff you've found in each one. Also at
the bottom are counts on how many of the game's collectibles you've found,
which can easily be seen by viewing the map anyway.

So, besides the computer, there are also three vehicle pads for accessing the
different types of vehicles. Note that the water and air vehicles will be
intially locked. You'll need Superman to burn through those locks.

Also, the custom character creator is on the left side of the cave. You
cannot access this, however, until you complete all the story missions, so
don't worry about it until then.

As for Gotham itself, it's big. It's really really big. The idea is that
ALL of the collectibles are hidden somewhere in Gotham, which as I've said,
we're not getting into yet. Also, the city hub is used to transition between
the story missions. To get to the next story mission, look for the Bat Signal
on the map.

There's also a compass that you can use to direct you. It will have a yellow
and black Bat Signal in the direction of your next mission, but I honestly
don't use it much.

So that's about it for Gotham. Come back when you've beat the game, and we'll
really dig into the heart of the city.


As you begin a New Game, you'll be thrust immediately into the first story
mission. Don't worry, we'll get to explore Gotham soon.

5A. Theatrical Pursuits =

Super Hero at 126,000

Characters: Batman, Robin


Walkthrough -

Theater -
All right. Joker and the gang have taken the Harbourside Theater by storm,
and it's up to you and Robin to give them a proper beatdown. First, we need
to take care of Harley. Build the stairs down by the stage front by holding
Circle near them and walk up to fight her. She'll bounce around the stage.
As soon as she stops, hold down Square to target her with a Batarang and
bean her with it. Do so three times and she'll get knocked down the hole
in the stage. Follow her down.

Basement -
Harley's down for the count, so let's move on. First, let's use that Save
Switch nearby. This will allow you to quit the game and resume from that
checkpoint. Now, here in the orchestra pit, beat on that big inverted tuba.
Note the green legs sticking out of it. Once you punch it a couple of times,
the Riddler will pop out and take off. Follow him to the right. After a bit,
you'll notice he's got a security camera set up.

As you enter a big prop room, you'll be told about Grapple Handles. Use your
Grapple Gun by targeting the orange handle above you, just like you did with
your Batarang. Press X at the top to jump to the ledge above, then use the
next Grapple Handle to the right and while still hanging from the first one,
grapple to a second one further to the right. Push the box off the ledge and
assemble the pieces to make your first Suit Pad. This one gives you Batman's
Sensor Suit.

Press Circle to turn on the suit's invisibility power, then enter the
security room and punch the guy as well as the green object powering the
camera. Now, Robin can follow you to the right. Use one of the Grapple
Handles and hang from it, then press Triangle to switch to Robin and have
him do the same. With both of you hanging, the door in the back will open.

Now head to the back of the room to find a green wall. These are special
walls that you can use the Sensor Suit's X-Ray Vision on. Press Circle while
standing in front of it. Now, the idea in here is to use the Left Analog
Stick to find parts you can move, then press Square to move them. For this
one, simply find The Riddler and press Square on the red thing above him to
bonk him. Do this three times and he'll pop out. Punch him three times and
you'll break his little toy. Reassemble it into an elevator, then hop on.

Lobby -
First, let's smash that red and yellow popcorn machine. Assemble the pieces
to make Robin's first suit, the Acrobat Suit. This gives Robin a lot more
mobility and a stick. Hold Square to target that stick and focus it on the
blue and white socket on the wall behind the Suit Pad. Double jump up to the
pole and press X to flip over the several poles to the upper level. Two-Face
will pop up here, so smash the plants near the front of the balcony so you
can make a Grapple Handle for Batman to join you.

Now, go invisible as Batman and head to the back of the room. Smash the seats
here and assemble them into what's known as a Ball Socket. Switch back to
Robin and press Circle to roll up into a ball. Roll into the socket and push
the Analog Stick down to lower the chandelier. Punch Two-Face four times.
Now, the screaming people are gone and you go up and back.

Projection Room -
Time to face Mr. J. He'll run up and shock your character, so quickly switch
to your partner and punch him. Once he's down to one heart, he'll hop up onto
the projector. You'll now be able to access the green wall on the right.
Look inside it with X-Ray Vision. You'll want to tap the object in the upper-
left once, and the one in the lower-right two times. This will knock Joker
down to the theater. Assemble the nearby pieces and hop onto the zipline
you've created to zip down and finish this mission.


New Characters: Batman, Robin
New Suits: Sensor, Acrobat


Gotham City Interlude: Stop the Joker

You're now in the great Gotham hub, but there's actually rather little you can
do at the moment with the way south blocked off. Jump off the roof and
head east towards that big Bat Signal on the ground. Smash the box on the
terminal and assemble the pieces for the Sensor Suit Pad. Use it on the
green-walled box in the back to find pieces for an Acrobat Suit Pad. Roll to
the ball socket and use it to raise a box from the water. Put together the
pieces and you'll activate the terminal. Select "Robin's Helicopter". Press
Triangle next to it to hop inside.

5B. Harbouring a Criminal =

Super Hero at 90,000

Characters: Batman, Robin


Walkthrough -

Outside Theater -
Well, looks like your chopper's all messed up. You'll just have to fix it.
First, assemble the pieces right next to the chopper. That's Part #1. The
other parts somehow landed themselves further up the building. Head to the
trailer back and to your left and use a Batarang on the red locks to open it.
Break the equipment inside and assemble the pieces into a Power Suit. This
suit has rockets that you can fire either by targeting or just by tapping
Circle. Launch a rocket at the silver spotlight in front of the right side
of the theater, then assemble the pieces inside to Robin's next suit, the
Magnet Suit. Head to the shiny blue wall behind the spotlight, and hold down
Circle. This will move the two blue parts away so you can start scaling the
wall with the Magnet Suit.

Clomp up the blue wall, being careful about your direction so you don't fall.
Once you reach the top, look up for a Grapple Handle and use it. You'll ride
the banner up. Jump off to the left and climb up the railings. Use your
magnet again to lower the blue panels, then walk up them to the other side.
Use your magnet one last time on the scaffolding and you'll drop it so Batman
can come up and join you. This also releases the second part of your
helicopter, but don't bother assembling it yet.

Batman's Power Suit not only has rockets, but extra strength. Once you ride
up the scaffolding, press Circle in front of the orange handle to yank the
gate open, then have Robin pull the ladder down. Have Batman climb the
ladder, then blast the silver object at the back wall, then have Robin
magnetize twice more to make a Grapple Handle so you can ride up another
level. Blast the silver spotlight and assemble the zipline to ride over to
the left. Now, grapple up the tower, head back to the right, then magnet
one more blue object and grapple up. Pull on the orange handle and you'll
release the last piece for your helicopter. Assemble all the pieces, then
hop on.

Batwing Chase -
Y'know, if Batman had this the whole time... Anyway, it's time to chase down
the Joker. This part's quite simple. Shoot the joker until the meter
empties, then shoot up any goons he summons to harrass you between those
times, either boats or helicopters.

Parking Lot -
Joker seems to have parked his boat in front of the amusement park, and
you'll need to get close to stop him. Go to the digger on the left and blast
the silver part holding up the scoop. Assemble the pieces into a cannon,
then aim it at the Joker, then pull on the orange handle to fire.

For the next phase, Joker will throw electrified pies with an area effect.
Head up to the back of the area and put together the parts busted off Joker's
boat. You'll make silver teeth, so blast them with a rocket, then assemble
the blue parts into a magnet wall. Walk up it with Robin, then smash the
part at the top of the swinging sign and use your magnet twice to loosen it
onto the Joker.

For the final part, a giant dodgem car will roll out to attack. You'll have
to alternate between the silver and shiny blue parts with your powers until
it's scrap, then assemble the pieces for something that'll finish off the
Joker. Pull on the orange handle.


New Suits: Power, Magnet


Gotham City Interlude: To the Batcave

Access the nearby Remote Terminal and call in any vehicle you want. You'll
be asked to test the weapons on it. Drive forward using the X or R2 button,
and reverse using Circle or L2. Fire rockets at the silver statues with
Circle and Square are your regular guns. Once all the statues are dust,
you'll be able to leave and return to the Batcave. Follow the ghostly stud
trail back to the signal marker and activate the panel to enter. Once inside,
hop into the elevator.

Uh oh. Mass breakout at Arkham. Head to the computer. When you're prompted
to tap on it a second time, move the map marker over to the exclamation mark
and press Triangle to Scan it, then press X to select it. You'll be back on
the streets with a new destination.

Now, you can do a little exploring of Gotham if you wish, but it's really not
worth it. There's so little to do at this moment. You're better off heading
right for Arkham. Use the panel outside the bridge to raise it, then head

5C. Arkham Asylum Antics =

Super Hero at 40,000

Characters: Batman, Robin


Walkthrough -

The Maze -
There's only area to this mission, but three phases. You need to stop the
vehicles of three villains, and first up is Catwoman. Head to the right and
then to the fountain. Use a Batarang on the two green tubes flowing the
water, then build the Pull Handle. Pull it down using your Grapple, which
will reveal an Acrobat Suit. Have Robin use it to go to the right across
the pit, throwing his staff. Once you're across, turn north, then head down
the nearby brown beam so you climb up to the wall. Assemble the two Grapple
Handles so Batman can join you, then jump onto the top hat the statue is
wearing to drop pieces for a Power Suit. Use the Power Suit on the silver
gate to the north, then climb up the wall and blast the statue. Catwoman
will wipe out.

Head further into the maze and Two-Face's Truck will show up. Head up and
to the left until you see a silver wall. Blast it and the angel statue to
the left. Assemble the Ball Socket and have Robin move the suit pad over to
the right, going up and down as needed. This will give you a new suit, the
Bat Suit. This suit can both glide and use a sonic blaster. Fire the sonic
blaster against the glass gate to the right, knocking over some statues and
derailing Two-Face.

Lastly, you'll deal with Bane's Mole Machine. Head down, past the rocks in
the torn up pile that are glowing and around to the left. You'll reach a
white grate in the floor. Use Batman's sonic on the glass part of the floor,
then pull down both Grapple Handles to the left. You'll slide over a pad for
an Ice Suit. Robin can use this suit to freeze water. Try it out on the
nearby waterfall and you'll make a surface you can climb. What you need to
do, though, is head back to the right and knock apart those glowing rocks I
had you skip. They have pieces for another Power Suit pad, so take that
suit and blast the silver statue to the left, which will release a torrent
of water. Have Robin freeze it, then you'll stop the Mole Machine.


New Suits: Bat, Ice


Gotham City Interlude: Courtyard Cleanup

You can explore the Arkham grounds if you want, but the objective is to go
over and talk to Commissioner Gordon.

5D. Asylum Assignment =

Super Hero at 105,000

Characters: Batman, Robin


Walkthrough -

Flooded Asylum -
You're here to discover how the Joker escaped, but for the moment, you're
trapped in what appears to be a flooded portion of the prison. First, smash
the glowing pieces and assemble them into Robin's final suit: the Hazard
Suit. Use its water spray to put out the fires. If you ever run low on water
in your tank, hop into any body of water to fill it up. Past the fires, hop
down into the water as Robin (he'll sink with the Hazard Suit), then head
left and throw the switch. This will raise up a suit pad with Batman's final
suit, the Electricity Suit (or as I'll call it, "Elec Suit", because
"Electricity" is too long to type a million times).

Once you get Batman into the suit, head up and through the shocked portion
of the floor and around to the generator. Press Circle next to it to absorb
the power, shutting it down, which will open the way for Robin below. Switch
back to Robin and walk to the right, smashing the brown and gray objects.
This will raise a bridge for Batman to cross. Have him absorb the power of
this second generator to stop the fans below. Have Robin go around and past
the fans and throw the switch. This will open up a generator for Batman to
charge. This will call Killer Croc up from the water to eat, allowing Robin
to enter his lower tank. Have Robin smash the glowing green parts to stop the
fan, allowing Batman to pass it. Smash the nearby computer terminal and
assemble the pieces into a rotator switch. Push it and Robin will move
through the rotating cage to the other side. Robin will now finally be able
to float up and join Batman on the surface.

Use Robin's water cannon on the blue circle. This will lower the stairs.
Head on up throw the switch, which will turn on freezing jets that will
freeze the waterfall. Climb up. Now, head to the glowing pieces in the
back right, break them, and assemble them into an Ice Suit pad. Use the
Ice Suit on three spots: first, smash the two blue and white valves in the
middle of the room to cause water fountains, then freeze the both of them.
Lastly, freeze the back waterfall and climb up. You'll have to walk around
and jump across both fountains, then walk through the freeze jet as Robin and
turn the rotator switch so the both of you can move on.

This next room is Mr. Freeze's cell. Climb up the left wall as Batman to
avoid getting shocked, then pull power from the generator. Now, Robin can
climb up and hop onto the ice wall in the back. The freeze jets won't
hurt him and he can cross all the way to the right. Avoid the electricity
and drop down the hole that opened in the floor. Throw the switch in the
cell to raise a rotator. Turn it and you'll shut off the freeze jets. This
will melt the ice wall on the back, but you can freeze it right back up with
Robin. Cross the wall now as Batman and use the generator on the right.
You'll open up an elevator. Have both characters stand on the buttons

Lockup -
Phew, finally a new area. So, Scarecrow legged it down a hallway, which
has not only fire, but cameras. Head to the right and use the electricity
you've had stored in Batman to power the computers. Next, grab the Acrobat
Suit and have Robin use the ball socket to steer the package along the
conveyor belts. Pull open the box when it arrives and grab the Sensor
Suit inside. Head past the cameras and flip the switch to turn them off,
then have Robin grab the Ice Suit again and put out the fires.

This next room has an X-Ray corridor. Head on through and you'll reach a
large room. Use the X-Ray vision on the green panel to extend the bridge,
then freeze the waterfall on the next platform and climb up to the next
switch. You're now in the back of the room, and Scarecrow will make the
stairs a ramp. Once you beat up the thugs, head to the left for another
green wall. This is a bit more complicated than the others. First, go to
the upper left and drop the glowing thing, then hit the blocks to move it
along, then hit the lift and the other two blocks. Head up the stairs.

At the end of the cell hall there's fear gas. Grab the railing to the left
and pull on the switch to the right. Now, it's time for the Scarecrow fight.
He'll toss out vials of his gas, and this stuff will affect you. First,
beat up the thugs, then punch Scarecrow three times when he comes out, then
do it again. On the third time, once you beat the thugs, you'll have to
assemble some pieces to make a valve. Turn it to lower the nearby railing,
then grab on and have your partner turn the valve back to raise you up.
Flip the switch up here to start a vent. Now, you have to do that whole
thing again on the other side of the room. Once both switches are flipped,
the gas will be blown out of the room and you can finish Scarecrow off.


New Suits: Electricity, Hazard


Gotham City Interlude: Race to Ace

Your next destination is Ace Chemicals, and it's on the central island of
Gotham, which you previously did not have access to. First, let's hit that
Remote Terminal nearby. That will make the map visible for this area, as well
as reveal a villain (in this case, Captain Boomerang). At this point, since
you have all four suits, you can explore around to pick up some Gold Bricks
if you wish, but there's really not much to get. Let's just follow the story
for the moment.

Hop in your car and head for the bridge leading to the central island. Note
the generator near the sealed-off bridge. Also note the Elec Suit nearby.
Go grab and get a charge. With the bridge open, follow the stud trail south-
west to reach Ace Chemicals.

5E. Chemical Crisis =

Super Hero at 313,000

Characters: Batman, Robin, later Superman


Walkthrough -

Chemical Vats -
All right, the reason you're here now is to find out what Joker stole from
Ace Chemicals. Just to the right of the Hazard Suit is a few boxes that,
when broken, form a switch that will let Robin take the suit. Head to the
right and up the stairs in the back, then drop down into the water and
flip the switch to raise the green tank. Press Circle in front of the tank
to take a sample and stop the flow. You'll need four more samples of
chemicals. The doors to the right will fly open and you'll be attacked.

Head further east until you reach a valve in front of a hatch in the floor.
Bust the four red things holding the hatch shut, then turn the valve. This
will raise a suit pad covered in gunk. Wash it off with the Hazard Suit,
then grab the Elec Suit. Climb up the ladder in the back, then take the
charge from the generator and head left. Grab the purple chemical.

Now, head to the right. Drop down into the water tank as Robin, head to the
right, and throw the switch to drain the water so Batman can follow, then
hop out to the right. Head down the stairs to the foreground, wash the gunk
off the suit pad to the left, and put together the Magnet Suit pad. Climb
up the back blue wall, then use the magnet on the blue cone to open a
generator that Batman can charge. You'll pull up the red chemical. Once
you use it, a bridge will extend to the back.

Hop up and use the magnet at the end, then climb up to the purple vat.
Once the bridge blows up, reassemble it and cross. Head to the right.
Note the moving barrels with the yellow caps. You need to cross those, so
time your jumps carefully to land on them. Once you pass them, you may
notice some blue barrels off to the back. Pull them up with Robin and
you'll be able to bounce up to the orange chemical.

A new set of moving barrels has appeared off to the right. Hop across and
you'll reach three chemical vats sitting tantalizing near three similar-
colored holes on the back wall. Take the power from the generator and grab
the new Hazard Suit. Here comes the other big function of the Hazard Suit.
Hop in any of these vats and your tank will fill up with that colored
chemical. Spray the goop into the same-colored hole. Do so for all three.
This will neutralize the big vat to your right (SCIENCE!), so switch to
Batman and cross to the shocked floor. Take the power from the generator to
turn the shock off, then hop out as Robin and spray water on the gunk to
get rid of it so you can pull the switch.

Watch out. Forklift. First, toss a Batarang at the glowing white thing on
the upper left corner. This will drop a ladder that you can climb and throw
a switch, opening the vent to your right. Next, climb up the pipes in the
back right as Batman and cross the railings to the back. Flip the switch
there as well and the water will be cool enough for Robin to drop into.
Swim up to the top of the tank and flip the switch, then grab the blue

Upper Catwalks -
Now it's time to make our way out of this place. In order for Batman to get
through this mess, you'll probably need a pool of water. Go to the back left
of the messy area and assemble the water tank, which will fill the pool.
Spray off the majority of the gunk, and the fires in the back. Put the pieces
there together for an Acrobat Suit. Use it to cross the poles to the right,
then use the ball socket to extend the bridge. Batman should still have a
charge, but if he doesn't, take it from the left generator. Put the charge
in the middle generator to get parts for a Power Suit pad. Take the
suit and head to the right. Wrench open the gate with the orange handle.
Now, head to the back and blow the silver casing on the pole. Have Robin
climb the pole and assemble the Grapple Handle so Batman can get up. Pull
the orange handle to the right. Now, have Robin jump back and forth between
the walls to the top. Bash the white ladder holder to drop the ladder for
Batman. Blast the silver cap at the top here to really cause a mess.

Walk across the fallen tower and head to the right. Blast the silver part of
the tower out of your way and head down to the computer. Break all the
objects around the screen and assemble the ball socket. You're basically
going to use this one as a trackball to move the cursor on the screen around.
Press Square on the two valve icons in the corners to shut off the steam
above. Head up to that catwalk and to the right. Rip off the orange handle
and climb up the walls to reach another ball socket. This one moves that
little platform out there. Put it low and in the middle so Batman can jump
across to the Elec Suit. Once you get the suit, use the Grapple Handle and
take the power from the generator to open the gate. Switch back to Robin
and have him swing across on his pole, then head to the right for some more
pole swinging across the vats. Pull the switch to close the vats so Batman
can charge up the generator to the right. Hop onto the crate.

Chemical Fires -
Well, look who's turned up to help. Superman has a lot of awesome powers
you're going to enjoy, so let's get right to it. Fly up to the back and
pull open the orange handle to release water, then freeze it with your Freeze
Breath (hold Circle). Clear the fires from your path and smash the lockers
to find parts for a Power Suit. Now, your next effort, off to the right, is
to get those orange goopy fountains to not be orange.

Use the Power Suit to blast open the Hazard Suit and switch to it. Now,
use Superman's X-Ray vision on the green wall to open the valves below.
Like earlier, you need to fill with three different colors, but only one is
nearby. Fill up the orange one first, then go up the stairs and head right.
You'll find the green chemical a short ways down the catwalk, and the purple
one a little further beyond that. With all three full, the orange fountains
will be neutralized and Superman can freeze them. Switch Batman back to
Elec Suit and hop up the ice, then use the generator behind the electric
field so everyone else can pass.

Next, take Superman up to the tower on the right and use his heat vision
on the gold part of the wall (hold down Square). You'll be required to trace
along the outline to cut the wall down, so do so. This dumps water on the
fire below. Continue to the right to find another tower. Cut open the
gold wall on that, then freeze the resulting waterfall so the others can
climb. Finally, use Batman's charge on the generator at the end, then you
can hop into the elevator.

Roof -
Almost done. Promise. First, the ACE sign will collapse. Fly across as
Superman and melt the two gold objects beneath the generator and assemble
the pieces into a ladder. Have Batman cross the beam and climb up to the
generator to shut it down. Now, cross back as Batman, get the Power Suit,
cross BACK one more time and blast the silver supports holding up the giant
water tower. Crisis averted.


Gotham City Interlude:

Okay, so the names of those chemicals? Four of them are actual elements on
the periodic table. Three are metals, one's a gas. The last one is a made up
name. So, yeah, you wouldn't really collect those in glowing liquid form.
Learn this and know it, children. Anyway...

Now you need to chase after that source of Kryptonite the computer's picking
up. It actually moves, meaning it's a vehicle. Follow that vehicle to start
the next mission.

5F. Chemical Signature =

Super Hero at 95,000

Characters: Batman, Robin


Walkthrough -

Batmobile Chase -
This part is similar to the Batwing chase of earlier. Blast the Juggernaut,
then take down any mooks that show up to tangle with you. The only thing
about this one is that the target on the Juggernaut keeps changing, usually
a different type of gun pops out and you have to target it, not just the
vehicle itself.

Inside the Juggernaut -
Having worn down the Juggernaut's defenses, the dynamic duo infiltrate it.
Punch out the scientists and the machines churning out LexBots, then bash
the glowing boxes in the back right and assemble the Magnet Suit. Use the
magnet on the tank to the right, and then on the ball that drops beneath it.
Guide the ball through the trough to the left, and when you pull it up, it
will unlock a blue wall on the back. Walk up it, then head right and turn the
valve to drop down a ladder for Batman.

Head to the right and magnet down some pieces for a Sensor Suit, then use
it to bypass the camera and go up the ladder. Smash the blue gear to kill
the camera. Next, head to the right and use the magnet to close the vents.
Smash the blue brackets to bring up a green wall for the X-Ray vision. Use
it to move the two right-hand gears in place, and turn the left one to close
the other vent.

Two Mini-VTOLs will pop up from behind. Batarang the both of them and
assemble the pieces into a Bat Suit. Use Robin on the magnet to the right
to raise the ramp, then leap off and glide to the right. Smash the blue
spinning gears, then sonic the glass to the right and magnet the dish that
pops up. Assemble the pieces into an uplink which will call in the Batwing
for some assistance in tearing the thing up.

Drop down to the burned out hole and enter. Use the magnet to open the door
to the left. In this large generator room, head to the left and flip the
switch on this level. This brings out a green... thing. Smash it and one
of the power conduits will go away. Next, walk up the blue wall and magnet
another green thing out of the wall to smash. Lastly, use Batman to grab
onto the Grapple Handle above and hop off to the right. Sonic the glass away
and throw the switch to uncover the last green thing to smash.


Gotham City Interlude: Detective Work

Darn. That was a nice car. With the Batmobile deconstructed, you'll have
to make do with the bikes. For now, it's time to return to the Batcave to do
some research on Joker's scheme.

5G. Unwelcome Guests =

Super Hero at 85,000

Characters: Batman, Robin, later Superman


Walkthrough -

Batcave -
Oh, what a brilliant plan they had. Lex and the Joker are in the Batcave,
and boy are they making a mess. You'll need to repel them. First, hop on
the Batbike straight ahead of you and fire off some shots at them. Once
you tag them, the Batbike will be broken, but you'll be able to assemble an
Elec Suit out of the pieces. Head back down and to the left across the
shocking floor, then pull the charge from the generator to let Robin cross.

Head further left and Joker will bust the bridge to the Batwing, so drop
the charge you have in a nearby generator, which will reveal a Bat Suit. Use
its sonic on the nearby glass to uncover an Acrobat Suit, which you can use
to head to the Batwing by building the socket, then tossing your staff into
it. Hop into the Batwing and fire on the bad guys.

Reassemble the Batwing pieces into a Power Suit, then build the railing to
this platform so Batman can reach it. Now, head back to the computer, and to
the right this time, blasting anything silver that gets in your way. Near
the end of the platform, hop on both buttons to raise the Batboat, then climb
in and fire.

Upper Cave -
All right, this is a new part of the cave AND we've got Superman on our
team again. Burn down the gold wall at the back. This will allow Batman
and Robin to grapple onto the handle and ride up, then climb up the wall to
the left. At the top, have Superman blow out the fires on both boxes, smash
them, then assemble the railings so the boys can climb up, and then grapple
up. At the next level, have Robin use the wall sockets to flip up. At the
last one, he'll pull down a rock, letting water flow. Have Superman freeze
it, then climb up to the top of this shaft.

Head to the door in the back and blow it open with a rocket, then have
Superman use X-ray Vision on the green wall. You're now in a large open area
that will soon become rather hazardous, and your objective is to get that
T-Rex in the back moving. As soon as you enter, much of the floor will
collapse except from some blue beams. Have Robin cross to the left and
take the Magnet Suit. Have Superman put out the fires above so Robin can
grapple up and cross the blue wall to the back. Hop down to the lower
area and head all the way to the right until you see a Pull Handle in front
of a yellow glass-encased room. Pull it down, and have Superman burn the
gold thing in the middle of that room. This will cause some pieces for a
zipline to appear off to the right of the middle of the room. This is how
Batman gets across to the back, so switch back to Batman and move him across
the beams all the way to the right (oh yeah, it appears you can walk to the
back, but you can't; the beams fall). At the right, grapple up, assemble
the zipline and ride on down. Use rockets on the silver objects surrounding
the T-Rex, then assemble the ball socket. Yep, you'll need to go back to
get the Acrobat Suit.

Walk Robin up the magnet wall and back across, then grab the suit. Now, he
has to use Batman's means of getting over. Cross the beams to the right,
grapple up, zip down, then hop into the ball socket. Turn the T-Rex and
you'll set its tail near the ground so you can grapple up it. Head to the
back, and fire a rocket at the silver part of the ceiling. Hop into the fan
to ride out.


New Character: Superman


Gotham City Interlude: Sky Chase

You'll be leaving Robin behind for a while, ostensibly to fix up the cave
after the thrashing it just got. So revel in the ability to take to the
skies of Gotham as the Man of Steel, enjoying his awesome theme music. I
know I did.

Also note that several of your vehicles have been deconstructed. You won't
be able to use them until after the Story Missions are over.

Now would be a good time to go to all the Remote Terminals in the city.
Just fly to wherever you see red light and activate the terminals there.
This will clear up the map and populate it with villains. You can also
spend some time collecting Gold Bricks, or not. Whatever you like! I would
recommend taking a short trip down to Section 7G in the guide and collect
both the Studs x2 and the Studs x4 Red Bricks, which will make reaching Super
Hero much easier, and give you a nice bankroll.

Anyway, your target is that rather obvious flying carrier off the west part
of the central island. Fly to it.

5H. Destination Metropolis =

Super Hero at 120,000

Characters: Batman, Superman


Walkthrough -

Carrier Approach -
As Batman and Superman fly to the rear of the carrier, you'll be attacked
by several VTOL craft. Drop them out of the sky, then you'll approach the
port end of the craft. Blast all the targets given to you and burn all the
gold panels. You'll cruise around the carrier, blasting more guns, more
VTOLs, and more vital parts of the craft. It's all rather obvious and your
targets are pointed out, so let's move on.

Inside the Carrier -
The two of you will land on the gangway of the carrier. Have Batman pull
down the Pull Handles to your left and right and have Superman burn the gold
not only behind those handles, but up above as well. Once all four are down,
the force field will drop, allowing you to enter the hangar.

As you enter, a large VTOL craft will attack. Pull off the front of it
with the Grapple, then Batarang the pilot to crash the vehicle. Look behind
the green wall he just uncovered and move all the parts to reveal the Elec
Suit. Use it on the generator further back, then deposit that charge on the
right to work the platform in the middle of the room. Ride up and grab both
handles flanking the door to open it. Burn down the gold wall and proceed.

That's your friendly neighborhood Kryptonite glowing in that next room, so
send Batman in and have him break all four locks, then assemble the pieces
to cover the green glow. You'll still have to mind the small Kryptonite
deposits lying around, though. Have Superman pull open the orange handle
at the back.

In this next room, quickly Batarang the two guys on the Micro-VTOLs and hop
on either one of them. You'll need to blast all the silver objects in the
room with the rockets in these platforms, so tap Circle a billion times to
blow everything up. You can assemble the pieces in the back to stop the
flow of thugs coming in, but what you really need to put together are the
pieces in the center of the room. You'll make two cranes with orange
handles. Pull both of these handles and the cranes will grab a missile
from beneath the carrier. Light its butt on fire to smash the door in back.

Head up the stairs and into the room outside the cockpit. Have Superman
fly up to the outside area and pull on the orange handle. This will allow
the construction of a Bat Suit pad. Take it and sonic either side of the
room, then enter the vents they cover to float Batman up to the outside
area. Sonic the glass above the cockpit, then drop down.


Gotham City Interlude: Mr. Luthor Is Expecting You

Lex is cooking something up back at LexCorp, so it's time to head out to
Metropolis. Sadly, you'll not be exploring it. You'll just jump right to
the mission once you head off.

5I. Research and Development =

Super Hero at 100,000

Characters: Batman, Superman


Walkthrough -

Lexcorp Lobby -
Ack! Evil Robot Receptionist! The bot will hop up to that big L sign
above the floor. Fly up as burn all the gold around it to knock her down,
then assemble the pieces into a Power Suit. Avoid the bot's fire until it
spins down. Its hearts will turn red and that's your cue to fire a rocket
at it. The bot will hop up to the balcony and send out some basic LexBots,
so smash them, then do the same thing over again with waiting for it to
stop spinning, then fighting more bots, then hitting one last time.

The exploding bot will break down the green wall so you can use it. Align
all the red parts with the pipes and the escalators will start running on
the sides, allowing you to climb up to the mezzanine. In the back, blast
all the silver objects flanking the door, then assemble the pieces of the
terminal on the left. Pull the switch to open the elevator, then hop in.

Lexcorp Second Floor -
Blast the silver and burn the gold. Assemble the pieces into an Elec Suit
and cross to the right with Batman. Those green bubbles are effect produced
by Kryptonite. Take the charge from the generator in the middle to shut it
all down, then head right and burn the gold on the back wall so Batman can
put his charge in the generator beneath it. This starts up conveyor belts
on the wall. Head back and grab the Power Suit, then blast the silver
covering, then toss another rocket onto the belt itself. It should blow
once it reaches the silver crossbar at the top, allowing you to head further
right to the elevator. Burn down the gold wall, then pull on the Grapple
Handle to bring the elevator down. Hop inside.

Lexcorp Third Floor -
As soon as you enter, a wimpy scientist will throw a switch turning on a
camera. Burn the gold on the left and assemble the Sensor Suit, then turn
invisible and turn the valve beneath the camera. You'll roll in a black
bike. Step on the button to deconstruct it. Continue this for two more
items and you'll eventually tear open the back wall. Head into the fan and
ride up.

Lexcorp Fourth Floor -
Now this flowing green gas will hurt both guys equally. Fly up above as
Superman and burn all the five gold brackets on the first vent, then pull
the orange handle on the second vent and smash the stuff behind it.
Assemble the switch below and flip it to produce a Grapple Handle up above.
Grapple up and run across to the other side of the third vent, then smash
the glowing boxes and assemble the Bat Suit Panel. Grapple back up to the
top of the vent and sonic the glass. Now, Superman can go to the right.
Burn up that Luthor "L" and have Superman stand on the button underneath
so Batman can glide through the green bubble to the right. Head to the
back left and sonic away the door, then throw the switch back here to
get rid of the last bubble. Have Superman fly to the right and laser the
gold wall, then head on through.

Lexcorp Robot Arena -
Go to the green wall in the back and use X-Ray to open the door. Smash
the objects in the center of the room, then assemble them into chairs.
Hop in using Triangle and you'll take control of a huge robot. ROBOT FIGHT!
Move out of the way when it charges, then punch it once it's stunned. Do this
until it breaks.

Now, you can head to the switch in the back and stop the flow of LexBots if
you want, but the way forward is to the right. Use sonic on the glass
flanking the door, then smash the blue objects beneath and burn through the
gold plate that falls. Hop on the elevator to finish this mission.


Gotham City Interlude: Robot Takedown

Yeah, sorry, you don't get to wander around Metropolis, but hey, at least you
put one over on the bad guys. Back in town, your destination will be that
big flying Joker Robot.

5J. Down To Earth =

Super Hero at 50,000

Characters: Batman, Superman


Walkthrough -

Robot Chase -
BLAST EVERYTHING. That is to say, take down the aircraft, then use Batman's
guns on the heels of the feet, then burn the feet with laser vision. After
you take both gold soles down, you'll land on the bot.

Robot Climb -
Jump over to the left leg and another VTOL will show up. Pull down the
front, then Batarang it. You'll assemble the pieces into a Power Suit pad.
Use the rockets on the silver vent on the back of the robot, left side, then
burn away the gold behind that. Now, fly up and pull on the orange handle
for the fuel line. Do the same for the right side, avoiding the gunfire.
That's it for this mission.


New Vehicle: LexCorp Mini-VTOL


Gotham City Interlude:

Good news is that you've grounded the Joker Robot so it can't fly. Bad news
is that, after that exposure to Kryptonite, Superman's feeling a little under
the weather. You won't be able to use him to fly for a good long while.

You'll be near the park. Head south and go to the Terminal at the Park to
grab a vehicle to fly over to the spot near the Cathedral to the south where
the robot landed.

5K. Underground Retreat =

Super Hero at 110,000

Characters: Batman, Superman (low power)


Walkthrough -

Metro Station -
The robot smashed you into the subway, so you'll need to find a way out.
Head to the right onto the tracks. Use the orange handle off to the right
to pull the electrified crane away from the tracks so you can assemble the
Elec Suit pad. Use it to grab the nearby charge, then have Superman pull
on the orange handle in the back to clear the way.

Clear the fires on the back rubble, then smash your way through. In the
next room, assemble the Power Suit pad on the right and use it to blast the
silver thing on the left blocking the generator. Grab the Elec Suit again
and use its charge on the generator. This will get the robot leg out of
the way, allowing you to clear the silver trash in the back and head along
the wrecked subway car. Burn the gold away at the end and pass through.

Train Tracks -
Use rockets on the silver crates to the left and assemble the switch on the
generator. Flip it to get the pieces for a Bat Suit pad. Take it and
smash all the glass, particularly the tubes on the back wall. This will
get some water flowing, so have Superman freeze it, then climb up and glide
to the right so you land on top of the ledge. Throw the switch to stop
the trains on the tracks. Burn the gold you just uncovered, assemble it,
and pull the orange