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&NellieBee Noted. Can I post one article per day... ? Pl confirm...

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You can press on the buttons to the left to share your posts with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN etc. Bear in mind that it is against the rules to share any more than one post per social site. The benefit to sharing via these sites is increased exposure and page views, as your friends come to visit the site to read your posts - you will receive payment for each unique page view. Hope this helps. :)

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I wish I have time to go to all the sites .. for now, i'm happy to stay around bubblews site where I slowly get to know the personalities of my connections ..

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I think it's good to connect via social media for views, but the real connections and interactions come from other bubblews users, so keep connecting with them and read their posts and they will return the favour :)

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