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I just heard that phrase on a commercial on TV. I think it was car commercial for a reliable car. I am listening to TV not watching and when I heard that I liked the phrase, but thought it could apply to different things not just the literal meaning of getting stuck in traffic. My mind is wandering here; let’s see where it goes….

“May you never be stuck behind a stinky truck…That stinky truck could symbolize just about anything…

May you never…

- Be on the same path with a startled skunk.

- Be on the back of a horse that is running for the barn.

- Disturb a beehive.

- Be in a boat without a paddle.

- Fall into a fire ant hill.

- Have a gas tank showing EMPTY, miles from a gas station…at night.

- Be in the path of a tornado.

- Have to deal with an angry drunk.

- Run out of money before the month runs out.

- Be the one at the top of a Ferris wheel when the power goes out.

- Have your car stall in front of a semi-truck.

So what do you think? Still like the original line myself. Some of these I can speak from experience but not all. Can you add any to my list?

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