I'm already burning autumn and Halloween types of scents in my wax melters and candleholders. I love fall, so as soon as we have even one day that is chilly, I'm hauling out my fall scents and lighting them up.

I previously tried the Cashmere Woods scent, which I really like: www.bubblews.com/news/896646-glade-wax-melts-cashmere-woods-review

There are 8 little cubes of scented wax in each resealable pack. These are $2.98 at Wal Mart. Glade recommends melting just one at a time, but I have been melting wax and other scented products for two decades and know that it is just fine to melt two at a time if you want more scent. It isn't really necessary to melt two at a time because just one throws off plenty of scent. We have a small house and our entire home is filled with scent after about 45 minutes. These will do just fine in either an electric warmer or a warmer that is heated by a tealight. Glade has a warmer that they brought out especially for these melts but it's not necessary to use theirs.