There is a show I have begun watching on the Ovation Channel, which is
called the Artful Detective. It is made and set in Toronto, Ontario. The time
period reflects the mid 1800’s. It is a mystery show where history plays
a big part of the story lines.

The Artful Detective is William Murdock played by Yannick Bisson. He
thinks outside the box and is science minded. He apparently comes up with
these contraptions which we recognize in modern times but they really
did not have back them.

Helene Joy plays the Medical Examiner, Julia Ogden. She has quite
an interesting sense of humor.
Due to the time period, the characters have a formal way of speaking
and addressing one another.

They usually have interesting guest characters on the show of the
time period, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Buffalo Bill Cody and Prince Alfred.

The show is a Canadian Show which has played since 2008. It has only
been shown here in the United States for a few months.

I do enjoy this show.

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