Pork Barrel Scam, number one issue here in the Philippines.
As we all know, this pork barrel are moneys/funds given to the politicians to make way or give steps to the projects.

Janet Lim-Napoles, now the most popular and headlined name here in the Philippines is the said mastermind of the pork barrel scam.
The said scam reaches P10-Billion.

The whistle blowers showed up, show their evidences and stated the scam made by Napoles.

Napoles, was also controversial because of her daughter, Jeane Napoles living like a queen life as this scam arises.
As you all may know, Napoles was also charged before in many corruption cases but wasn't sent to jail (due to lack of evidence).

Jeane Napoles was criticized by netizens because of living a very flaunting life style. She was being bash for owning a $2 Million unit at the Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles, having a very luxurious car, and studying at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) which is said that her tuition fee can rage to $23,000.

Netizens specially Filipino citizens were completely bothered by the funds being corrupted by Napoles.
It is said that these politicians will put their money into these fake NGOs of Napoles.
These NGOs will be the one processing the papers, beneficiaries, falsifications, and many more actions regarding the pork barrel case.
In the end, those politicians who invested their money in the said NGOs will receive 40-50 percent of the amount they invested.


"Janet's Special Treatment"

The pork barrel queen was arrested and now in Makati City Jail.

The Netizens started to get angry as they see Napoles' special treatment case.
Also, the prisoners are angry about the treatment they give to Napoles.

Authorities said that they don't give special treatments.


1. Napoles was put into a separate jail. (For her safety)

2. It was air conditioned. (they said it was an old office that is why it is airconditioned and this is for Napoles' health reasons)

3.Guards everywhere

I don't know the others.

Janet Napoles was given security and separate jail for her safety because she was receiving death threats.
We can 'agree' with the safety procedures because she holds the people involved in the scam.

But the airconditioned room and many more "out-of-the-security" purposes were being criticized and put into words by citizens.