Sometimes romances that start in the "Big Brother" house actually do carry on in real life, and that seems to be the case with Jeremy and Kaitlin from this season. Both have been out of the house for a bit now, and according to Instagram they are spending a lot of time together and things are still romantic. They have spent some time in Vegas recently with fellow "Big Brother 2013" houseguest Nick Uhas, and he's shared a lot of shots of them together.

While Jeremy and Kaitlin offended a lot of viewers during their time in the "Big Brother 2013" house, including me, I have to admit they look pretty cute together during their time in Vegas with Nick. Could they really end up being a couple that lasts? So far it looks like they're doing well and having a blast! I have to admit, I didn't really expect their relationship to have any staying power past their time in the house, so color me surprised!