Tap Booty is a rewards earning program. For this review I will be reviewing the Android OS version. Tap Booty is a stand alone client that will direct you to apps. some free and some not free. By doing this you earn reward points 1 point = .1 cent. after reaching 1000 points u can cash in. They offer amazon, Paypal, ebay and some other gift cards. You receive these cards instantly.

Say you have 1200 points, most places only let you claim a $1 gift card and you would have $.20 left. On Tap Booty you claim a $1.20 prize. The Apps you download are downloaded through the goggle play store and have good directions on how to redeem the points. They aren't trying to pull one over your head like most offer walls do. Once you earn points you have to play a mini game to convert them. Even if u lose the game you don't lose your points you just have to do it over again.

I tend to use the app to wind down before bed. Thanks for reading.