Animal Voyage Island Adventure is a new game App from Pocket Gems. The game is free but in app purchases are available to help you move through the game faster. If you do not make any purchases be prepared to wait for tasks to be completed.

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In Animal Voyage Island Adventure you build houses in towns for your animals. You have to feed your animals and can play little side games to earn points and experience.

The game Animal Voyage Island Adventure is rated for ages 9 and up for mild mature / suggestive themes. I frankly have not seen anything that would be inappropriate for any age so I am not sure what they are talking about. I would just make sure if a child is playing that they do not have access to the password to be buying things.I enjoy playing Animal Voyage Island Adventure it has neat music and graphics. You can play the game on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. I play it on my iPad.

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Photos are screenshots from my iPad while playing the game.