What is your favorite color? That question is something you hear often, especially if you often overhear children talking to each other, or perhaps a +Favorite-color is something you often take into consideration if you're in the home decorating business, and you ask your clients "What is your favorite color?"

On the opposite end of having +Favorite-colors is having least favorite colors, but why is this? Why do some people not like certain colors? My personal take on favorite colors - or least favorite colors - is that I think taking a dislike to certain colors comes from associating that color with something in one's past, of the same color.

Red is one of my least favorite colors, and if I try to think why then I come up with a list:

My school blazer was red, so I spent a lot of time wearing something red. Perhaps I got sick of it. School sports clothing was also partly red.
I don't think wearing red does much for my blue-grey eyes.
An ex boyfriend - some twenty years ago now - often wore red, and looked good wearing red. He left me for another woman.
Red is bold and loud, and stands out. I'm not bold and loud.

Now, on the other hand, there are some times that I like red, so it's a little odd that I don't like it for myself:

Both my sons look good wearing red.
I like red and green decorations at Christmas time
I like a small spot of red in an otherwise very green setting when taking a photo

What is your favorite color? What is your least favorite color?

© Copyright Teresa Schultz 2013
image credit: Teresa's own image - a green question mark on a red background