There are those who claim Bubblews is a scam. Maybe they need to use a dictionary. The term Scam as defined by the dictionary means to cheat, to swindle, to defraud. '

Bubblews pays people for their postings.

Bubblews pays people for the likes and dislikes they receive on their posts.

Bubblews pays people for comments received on their posts by others.

How do these things constitute a scam?

Bubblews does not pay people who cheat, who break the rules, who plagiarize. So, how does this constitute a scam. Bubblews also makes it known in their TOS and at other locations on the site, including posts from Bubblews support that rule breakers will not get paid. So every member is put on notice from the beginning. So, how does this constitute a scam?

The only scam is those who lie to others in order to convince them from not joining Bubblews.