The neighborhood I live in gets swarmed by a troop of monkeys often. These monkeys are the Toque Macaques and have tan brown fur plus happen to be one of the most dangerous of the monkey species.

The Toque Macaques which live in the jungle are not as aggressive like the ones that live in the town and villages. In fact I’ve known a few people who have been severely harmed by these monkeys and they have scars to prove it. The damage these creatures do to properties can cost the owner thousands of dollars and sometimes more in repairs.

Monkeys come for one reason – in search of food, water and shelter from the heat and rain. You can be assured if these monkeys find all three of these or even one in a neighborhood the Toque Macaques will visit the neighborhood at dawn and leave only at dusk. The damage done to the neighborhood and those who live in it can be devastating.

When we (my husband and I) began building our home two years ago there were no monkeys in the neighborhood but after 2 months of moving in the nightmare began. In the beginning there were only a few and were not a bother but after sometime there were more and that’s when the trouble started.

I took it upon myself to do some investigating and found some of the neighbors had been feeding the monkeys. These monkeys would also jump on the rooftops (including mine) and if there were water tanks would open the lid and drink from it.

So there you have it, food and water was easily available and this was the reason the Toque Macaques paid my neighborhood a visit often.

Here are some tips on how to deal with and get rid of monkeys.

Do not leave garbage lying around.

Do not feed the monkeys.

Do not give the monkeys access to water.

If you have water tanks on your rooftops make sure the lids cannot be opened. I’ve secured the lids with a type of nails called cycle bracket nails.

If you find your neighbors are feeding the monkeys notify the authorities immediately. If they still continue to feed the monkeys take legal action against them.

Monkeys often move about in neighborhoods by walking on the electric cables or telephone wires. Talk to the company which provides electricity to your neighborhood including the phone company and ask them if they can do something to stop the monkeys from walking on the cables and wires.

Trim branches that give easy access to the monkeys to enter your home and neighborhood.

I know a person who could no longer tolerate the presence of these monkeys after they bit his child and finally ended up poisoning the creatures. Yes, that’s right, monkeys such as the Toque Macaques are nasty creatures and will even go to the extant of biting a child.

I live in a country where the authorities turn a blind eye to this problem. For those of you who face the same problem and are unable to get any help, I hope the tips I have given above will help you in some way.

To learn more on what you can do to prevent monkeys from visiting your home and neighborhood read AVA.GOV.SG’s PDF file at

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