God's greatness is there is never a limit. There are only creations that make people increasingly amazed by his power. We as humans are not going to stop admiring God's creation.
You might think this is a app like Photoshop edits with iridescence. This time you are wrong, this is the original mountain. The mountain is located in the China region, precisely in Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park. Layers of colors that implied from the mineral sand and rock blends since 24 million years ago and then forming a stretch of its magnificent mountain.
It's a little surprised by the color that is created from a stretch of the mountain. This expanse created by the flowing stream valleys or valley after thousands of years of wind and rain hit. This area is already included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010 ago.
This is not the only stretch of the mountain that resembles the colors of the rainbow. There is also a stretch of mountains in Canada are also quite similar to the mountain in the China. The mountain was named The Rainbow Range.
Many then visited mountain in China's rainbow and post them on the internet. There is also a first edit it so it looks as the rainbow, but there are also who posted the original photo. Both are equally cool and amazing. If there is an opportunity to China, you know you should visit this mountain.