I decided to stop putting my best work on Bubblews. You want to know why? The reason is because I've already discovered that there are jerks on here who are copying the stuff we writers write placing them on this site and others to make money. So it will be a no go from now on for me. I will start doing what everyone else is doing and just Babble away. Why write well thought out articles, when copiers come along and copy and paste.


If you can't write , then stay off of this site.
Do not play copy central with anyone on this site. Because you will be caught and thrown off of this site!!
If you can't write a simple article, then do not do it here.

Besides the fact that every article i wrote on here, I have written on other sites, or on my blogs.

I have to get a real job, so that this stuff does not bother me. Either that or i'm going to stop putting much effort in here, and put more effort in making real money, not giving material for scum to copy and paste from.