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Halley Élise
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Thoughts To Ponder (4-2-14) Category: Personal

Eek Gads ©2014 Halley Élise I realize my presence here on Bubblews over the past several months has been limited. But it was sad to log on today and...

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Thoughts To Ponder (2-17-14) Category: Articles

Letting Go & Letting It Happen ©2014 --Halley Élise Sometimes when you truly say, “It’s alright”, it ends up being better than you would...

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Thoughts To Ponder (1-22-14) Category: Random

Too Tired To Fight ©2014 -Halley Élise It seems common place for people to get riled up about something and want to fight, or get even. One would think...

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Thoughts To Ponder (1-1-14) Category: Personal

Had the impetus to share my newsletter that went out to my business list yesterday morning; perhaps it will have a positive impact on some of the readers...

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Thoughts To Ponder (12-31-13) Category: Personal

This Morning ©2013 --Halley Élise I had lazily gone back to bed to enjoy a 15 min snooze, when all of a sudden there were several startling sounds....

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Halley Élise, gifted with psychic abilities; began her inquiry into universal principals at a very early age; this included study of the esoteric arts and ancient wisdom. Her thirst for knowledge became more apparent as she explored many philosophies. She has always been compelled to seek truth and uncover the whys of behavior and happenstance.

Halley’s work is transformational, inspiring others to find answers within. Her psychic sessions instill active minds with a continuous flow of constructive information, valuing the self and humanity. As she reveals relevant details, her work encompasses love and focuses upon the many areas of life. She teaches that the spirit is more than an abstract idea; and through intuition, it is an active part of our daily living when embraced. She encourages harmonizing all areas of life, so as to release the greatest potentiality of the individual. Halley is an Empowerment Psychic, ordained non-denominational minister, certified Hypnotist, published author and presenter.

Mysteries By Halley Élise
Established in 1995; a multifaceted spiritual and holistic practice. The practice uses several different modalities such as spiritual and intuitive guidance sessions, clinical hypnosis, energy balancing, breath-work, meditation, self- improvement and self-empowerment techniques. There are many programs and classes to choose from to help you grow, flourish and master your life.


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