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Soothing Keratosis Pilaris Category: Health

Keratosis Pilaris sometimes called chicken skin .Keratosis pilaris (KP) is a common skin disorder that affects many people of all ages.It's a benign...

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Old TV Series are New to Me Category: Entertainment

I have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and many more I stream TV through Roku using my cable's wireless signal and I have to say "Old TV is new TV...

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Getting the most from media streaming devices Category: Tech

Movie streaming has never been so easy and affordable. Devices like the Roku, Apple TV, Smart TV's and many off brand Roku box copies like the Boxee,...

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I have a job interview Category: Personal

I have a job interview today and I need to get the position more than I like to admit. I find that when your doing a job search and you finances are in...

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Life After Alzheimer's Category: Personal

I took care of my Grandfather for over four years as he went through the various stages of Alzheimer's. He went from walking around giving the dogs...

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About Me

Greetings, I'm 43 and in Southern California. Four years ago I was laid off when the non-profit I worked for closed and I began to care for my Grandfather who had Alzheimer's until his recent passing. I'm now trying to get back in the job market or find a way to earn from home. I have many articles online to support causes I feel strong about and articles on how to earn income safely online. I'm into indie film, indie/alt music, cooking, art and web design.


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