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Alan Lake
City of Jurupa California

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Ninja Scroll Anime Movie Review Category: Anime

This is one of the bloodiest Anime movies out there, as far as realism goes. It is graphic, heart pounding, and gory. As far as violence is concerned,...

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Title: Refrigerator Challenge Category: Funny

Name 3 random items that you see when you open your fridge: Yogurt, tapatio, pickles What is the most exotic item in your fridge? A coconut? What is...

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Is Coffee made in a coffee press harmful? Category: Ideology

There have been a number of studies done over the past few decades on coffee. Some say it can be dangerous and some said it can be helpful. It is from...

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The Breville One Touch Tea Maker. It makes the world go round. Category: Reviews

The Breville One Touch Tea Maker. It makes the world go round. This is a very user friendly tea maker. And it is expensive. I can tell you right off...

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Vibe Pepper Ball Category: Reviews

Filling it can be a bit of an issue. I use a funnel to fill mine. Just slide a panel over the expose the hole on the top. Insert the funnel and slowly...

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About Me

I am a writer on epinions and dabble with youtube.
I am also a Biology teacher and I absolutely love my job. I write here for fun and to share some of the knowledge I have.


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