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Casper Knows the Secret of Bubblews Success!!! Category: Cool

Everyone knows Casper the Friendly Ghost, the friendliest ghost you know from the comics - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WimtFW8z4LY and from the sweetest...

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I’m So Excited That I Just Can’t Hide It! ~ Memories Are Bliss! Category: Personal

When hubby and I first met on MySpace, it did not take us long to get to know each other. We started instant messaging, which turned into long daily phone...

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It Has Been Twelve Weeks Since Hubby’s Passing ~ He Talked To Me Today!!! Category: Personal

Hubby passed 12 weeks ago tonight and I finally got to hear his voice!! So exciting!! On December 24, 2013, hubby was hooked up on a respirator and I...

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It's That Time of Year! Sales, Sales, Sales and MORE Sales!! Category: Entertainment

It is that time of year! Garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, etc. are making an appearance! It is where you will find me on most Saturdays and sometimes...

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How I Designed My Life Using The Law of Attraction and You Can Too - A Book Review Category: Ideology

Last night I air- popped my usual bowl of popcorn and fixed a nice hot cup of tea and went off to bed for some relaxation. With Spoofie (my adoring kitty)...

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About Me

I am a health enthusiast first and foremost. I strive to be the healthiest I can be. I heavily believe in natural medicine and holistic healing. If you write a health article, chances are that I will read it. I can never learn enough about naturally taking care of my body to live a quality life.

I am a practicing minimalist that lives with only what I need. I do not like to accumulate anything. Space is pristine!

I love nature, animals and the outdoors. I would much rather view nature through my open windows than hang a portrait on the wall.

To learn about me in further detail, you can view my post on 25 things about me!

My husband recently passed away on 01/16/14. I am slowly getting my bearings and plan to pursue a living writing and blogging.

I look forward to meeting you here in Bubblews! Have a pleasant day!


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