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Ruth Cox
Carrabelle, Florida

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Lone Dove On A High Wire Category: Articles

My dog Tidbit and I set out on our early morning walk, she sniffing vole holes, nose underground, while I kept mine eyes peeled for a sighting of doves...

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Purple Flower Power Affirmation Category: Articles

Feeling Fenced In? Here's a purple flower power of affirmation for you to read and apply to your life right now! When I feel fenced in or fenced...

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St George Island Bridge Sunset View Haiku Category: Beauty

Day 8 NaPoWrimo 2014 Haiku Perusing my personal photos today for an idea for a poetic creation, I came across this beauty of a sunset view captured while...

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Environmental Treasure Scorned by White Trash Category: Crime

A bit agitated with life goings-on today, I felt I needed a long walk on the beach to help relax my spirit. This time I would walk alone as my dog Tidbit...

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Early Easter Bunny Springs Forth Category: Ideology

First sight of this dawn's early light? An early visit from the Easter / Ēastre bunny! And what, you may ask, springs forth in song from me as from...

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Thank you, I never thought about that. I just wrote it down. Take care.
Thanks for enjoying my animals:-)
Hi Ruthie! Good to find you here!
Happy Monday to you! It's always nice to have you visit!
Haven't seen you around, so thought I'd pop in to see what's new.
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Poetry is my passion, as well as short fiction and article writing. But long before any of these - my passions, which are first and foremost, are my family, my dog, my friends, my god, and pure sweet sunshine!

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NOTE: My top priority as far as whose +Bubbles I visit are those who leave comments on my articles. Connecting with me or leaving "Connected" comments on my profile does not impress me if you have not left a comment (quality, on topic) on a post or two of mine. My time is valuable, as I am sure yours is also, so let us get to the business of relationship building within the +Bubblews community. A new +Fly-by-Friend is of little or no interest to me.


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