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Colleen Ranney
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Good Morning (Good Friday) Category: Journal

Good Morning Wow- I spent a lot of time reading and commenting this morning on so many posts. I can honestly say I am now on information overload haha! Time...

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Please Don't Give Up (For The Newbie) Category: Articles

Welcome to Bubblews Dear New Member! I can tell you I am excited you are here and you will wonder why. Here is a little post I have decided to write just...

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Do You Wait To Redeem Category: Random

Do you Wait to push that redeem button on days where there are a lot of errors? I have made it past the limit to redeem but am a little nervous about clicking...

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Good Morning (A Lot Of Errors Today) Category: Random

Good Morning /Good Afternoon/Good Evening I still am unable to access my notifications. This morning the number is 1083 and I cannot see them!! Every...

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The Art Of Helping Others (Poem) Category: Art

Somethings I wish I knew.. before I knew them Only learn the hard way one time Never help someone who has not asked for help Every leaf is distinct Yet...

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hi connecting to you. happy bubbling. see you around my friend. keep on writing my friend!
hi connecting to you. happy bubbling. see you around my friend. keep on writing my friend!
have a good day, nice to meet you
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Hello my Love. Kisses.
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About Me

Colleen Ranney is the author of "Entangled Within the Nature of Things," its sequel, "Ancient Mirrored Dreams," the Inspirational book "One Prayer" and the Sensual Romance poetry of "Second Skin".Her dedication to the art of Poetry has given her the acclaim of being a modern day Female Rumi. Focused on the depths of the heart, body, and soul, Colleen's purpose is to expose the hidden truths through the expression of Poetic Art.


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