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Colleen Ranney
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Sensitive People Category: Ideology

Good Morning friends Whew so yesterday I received a dislike and it really bothered me. Here is why though- A couple months ago I woke up to over 80 dislikes...

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Dislike What I Say That's Ok Category: Personal

So I was here a little bit this morning then left to do a few things. When I came back I noticed I had a dislike. Lovely... I am thinking the person...

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A Blast Of Nature Category: Random

Hey, Good Morning I'm not sure if I told you all before but my greatest fear is chipmunks. Yesterday after dinner Ryan and I decided to walk up...

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Living an Extraordinary Life Category: Ideology

Every now and then our lives cross paths with those extraordinary souls who remind us that life is truly about living. They have a passion inside them,...

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Fade Me Category: Art

Fade me from the picture Like a forest by the fog Like summer days when heat rolls Hide me from the casting of beliefs and thoughts and rules of better...

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Hello again &colleencranney - Hope all is well with you...sorry to hear of your dislike!
Like your post....

Glad to had you connected...
Dropping by! In spite of problems of site I'm trying my best to visit!
Like your post....

Glad to had you connected...
Just wanna say Hi.. Hope you'd be interested being my friend.

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About Me

Colleen Ranney is the author of "Entangled Within the Nature of Things," its sequel, "Ancient Mirrored Dreams," the Inspirational book "One Prayer" and the Sensual Romance poetry of "Second Skin".Her dedication to the art of Poetry has given her the acclaim of being a modern day Female Rumi. Focused on the depths of the heart, body, and soul, Colleen's purpose is to expose the hidden truths through the expression of Poetic Art.


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