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Billy the Balloon Blowing Goat Category: Cool

There are certain things that you have to see to believe. Along with this you wonder how anyone thought of such a thing like "Billy the Balloon Blowing...

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Shark Tank Category: Entertainment

One of my favorite TV shows is "Shark Tank." Shark Tank showcases entrepreneurs who have small businesses or products they are promoting. A...

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Dog Karma Category: Trending

Seven years is a long time for a dog to wait to be rescued. Near the San Antonio, Texas area a dog’s karma finally went full circle. For seven years...

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Who Kneeds This? Category: Funny

In the last 10 days I have had a total knee replacement on my right knee. Coming up on my April 1st birthday I get a new knee for my birthday. You may...

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Where is Frank Sinatra? Category: Random

I know a guy who is immersed in singers from the past. He is schooling his five year old son about these music legends from John Lennon to Frank Sinatra. His...

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About Me

Thanks for checking my writing and checking me out. I love humor and writing. Dogs are another of my long standing passions. I am a psychotherapist on the Suncoast of Florida. I have written a number of books on Kindle and Amazon under the pen names of Mollie Skilss (the book Flamingos Can't Tap Dance), Muffy Murphy, and Heather Hill (that one is Happiness (How To Be Happy). I am enjoying this site and hope you enjoy my observations.


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