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Trisha Faulkner
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Managing Your Lawn is Not Like Managing a Golf Course Green Category: Cool

The first thing you are going to notice when you start maintaining the turf of a golf course is the fact that you have stepped out of low level and into...

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It is Nice Outside For A Change... Category: Personal

The weather seems like it has been so nasty here recently. I mean… We went from semi-spring weather, to rainy weather, to IT MIGHT SNOW AGAIN. Today,...

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Time To Get Serious Again. Category: Personal

Breaking out my pretty Bubblews earnings tracking spreadsheet. ;) Not officially going to start keeping track of my post to earnings ratio until midnight...

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How Do You Balance Family Demands and Working as a Writer? Category: Business

&AdrienneJenkins asks, "How do you juggle the demands of your family and keep up with your writing?" Learning how to juggle your family...

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Expect Lots of Writing Tip Articles in the Near Future Category: Articles

I told you guys that I had a new job. The new job is great. What I really love about the new job is the feedback I've been getting from the editing...

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