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My friend &AndyLeeParker started a fiction challenge yesterday. The object is to tell a story from the perspective of aliens visiting earth in exactly 200 words. So here you are. “I’m super nervous” said ambassador Zorg. “Of course you’re nervous, you’re way out of your depth. You...


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Hello everyone!Thank God I reached my goal target which is to redeemed every week.It was a great achievement of mine to reach my 50$ plus goal in just one week.I know it's very difficult to do that especially when you are new in bubblews.But nothing is impossible if you tried it.Hardworking is the...


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"A true leader always keeps an element of surprise up his sleeve, which others cannot grasp but which keeps his public excited and breathless." -Charles de Gaulle We are working on something that will set a new precedent for web-based businesses. We currently have been dealing with all of...


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The best relationship advice I can possibly come up with is to trust your instincts. I’ve given so much advice to people over the years, but when you boil my experience playing with love down, you’re left with just a bunch of feelings and instincts throughout the whole way. Sometimes I truly feel...


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Can’t believe it? Amazing right? Not only for you, even Casper couldn’t believe his eyes, ears, nose or his mouth when he realized this! It just broke all his Personal Records for online earnings!!! According to Casper’s ritual of making progress reports and self evaluations on his day to day...


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5 Steps to Being a Better Bubbler by beaufly >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> The following steps are written by me and are in no way affiliated with Bubblews admin or support. I am writing this post as a quickie...


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Well, this is going to be the silliest and the most meaningless dumb post of this decade! Casper is so much embarrassed right now, feels like he’s gone naked before few thousands eyes staring at him and can’t do anything about it! He can just put a bullet through his laptop so the image won’t be...